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Minimum State Insurance Requirements » Delaware

15 / 30 / 10

Personal injury insurance for the driver: $15,000

(maximum benefit paid per claim after the policyholder pays the deductible)

Personal injury coverage for all people involved in an accident: $30,000

Property damage coverage per claim: $10,000



Delaware Car Insurance Information

Very important Delaware car insurance information is listed below. Drivers in the First State need to understand why this insurance is required, what the minimum amounts of coverage are, what they can expect to pay and where to obtain this protection.

Delaware Car Insurance Information

Liability insurance must be carried by all motor vehicle operators in Delaware. This is a state law and is enforced by all police departments in the state. Personal injury protection is also mandatory in Delaware. Although not considered a no-fault state, Delaware law requires motorists to carry PIP to insure that injury costs are covered after a traffic accident.

Delaware is small in size but very big when it comes to vehicle traffic. The northern section of the state is part of the Philadelphia metro area and the city of Wilmington is often overrun with commuter vehicle traffic. Even the smaller outlying communities to the south are adjacent to major state highways that connect Philadelphia to Maryland’s eastern shore and the Chesapeake Bay area. Motorists in Delaware must carry proper insurance not only because the law requires it but also to protect against damage costs in the event of a traffic accident.

Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

In Delaware all motor vehicle owners must carry liability insurance in amounts equal to or exceeding the state minimum of 15/30/10. The figures represent the amount of coverage required in thousands of dollars for personal injury costs sustained by a non-fault individual, the costs of all injuries per accident and the costs associated with property damage caused by the insured. Personal injury protection is required in the same amounts as bodily injury liability insurance and is automatically written into each insurance policy issued to a Delaware vehicle operator.

Car Insurance Companies

Insurance providers across the state assign an agent to handle auto insurance policies. These agencies are familiar with the traffic statistics in Delaware and will give insurance quotes based on incident history in the region. Certain age groups are considered safer drivers, married couples tend to have fewer accidents and those who have completed a defensive driving course are also put into a lower risk category. These companies will not only write policies for liability and PIP insurance but also ask customers about optional coverage such as uninsured motorist protection and collision/comprehensive insurance. The latter may be required by a lender financing a vehicle as a means of protecting the investment during the loan period.

Free Car Insurance Quotes For Delaware

Consumers wanting the latest Connecticut car insurance information and policy rates can go online and contact a licensed agent directly. Quotes are preliminary and the final costs are determined by the driving record of the individual and the type of vehicle being insured. For quick quotes on liability and collision insurance for Connecticut drivers .

Car Insurance Rates

Delaware insurance rates for passenger cars is rather high when compared to prices offered to drivers in other states. One of the reasons for this is the heavy traffic volume squeezed into a small region. Drivers can expect a full coverage package including liability, collision and PIP to average about $1,800 per year. Smart shoppers will combine auto insurance with homeowner’s coverage or rental insurance, health coverage and life insurance. Safe driver discounts or shrinking deductibles for collision insurance are offered by a number of providers in Delaware.