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Minimum State Insurance Requirements » Hawaii

20 / 40 / 10

Personal injury insurance for the driver: $20,000

(maximum benefit paid per claim after the policyholder pays the deductible)

Personal injury coverage for all people involved in an accident: $40,000

Property damage coverage per claim: $10,000



Hawaii Car Insurance Information

Lifelong residents and new arrivals alike looking for car insurance deals in Hawaii can count on to provide up-to-the-minute quotes statewide. The site also provides curious drivers with useful Hawaii car insurance information including average annual premiums, rates of uninsured drivers, and minimum insurance coverage limits.

Hawaii Car Insurance Information

Like its drivers, Hawaii is unique among the fifty states. It is the only state comprised completely of a tropical island chain and has the greatest number of active volcanoes due to its location over a “hot spot” in the earth’s mantle. Many of its roads traverse both treacherous volcanic mountains and wet, humid jungles that receive more rainfall than anywhere else in the country.

These unique hazards present difficulties for drivers, especially tourists and new arrivals. Obtaining good car insurance is therefore a must in Hawaii. The good news: car insurance is not overly expensive in the state, with average annual premiums totaling $1,317 for a monthly payment of about $110. Only 11 percent of the population is uninsured, lower than the national average, and the state’s no-fault law keeps drivers from paying many accident-related costs.

Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

At 20/40/10, Hawaii drivers are subject to fairly low minimum coverage requirements. In order, these three numbers, all multiples of a thousand dollars, represent minimum per-person liability coverage; minimum per-accident liability coverage; and minimum property damage liability coverage. Compared to other states, these numbers are all lower than average and may contribute to Hawaii’s affordable insurance rates.

Car Insurance Companies

Though Hawaii is small both in terms of population and land area, it features dozens of insurance companies that all compete to provide the best service at the lowest rates. Some of these companies are independent outfits based in small towns around the islands while others are larger, nationally-known companies with offices in Honolulu.

The large number of Hawaii-based insurance companies is the result of two factors: the state’s relatively dangerous driving conditions and its isolation from the American mainland, which encouraged the formation of its own insurance institutions. Today, Hawaiians pride themselves on their homegrown car insurance.

Free Car Insurance Quotes For Hawaii

With so many agencies to choose from, it can be hard to find the best insurance rates in Hawaii. That’s where comes in. With an easy zip-code rate search or a more in-depth search by vehicle make and other information, lets Hawaiian insurers compete for each drivers business and then brings the results to their fingertips! Car insurance in Hawaii has never been more affordable.

Car Insurance Rates

Annual car insurance payments in Hawaii average $1,317, making it the 19th most-expensive state for car insurance. Compared to the other non-contiguous US state, Alaska, Hawaii’s insurance is quite cheap, especially considering the traffic congestion problems around Honolulu and the treacherous rural roads that contribute to a high rate of accidents. Many mainland states do not have these issues. Fortunately, pinpoints the best Hawaii insurance deals for drivers statewide!