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Minimum State Insurance Requirements » Idaho

20 / 50 / 15

Personal injury insurance for the driver: $20,000

(maximum benefit paid per claim after the policyholder pays the deductible)

Personal injury coverage for all people involved in an accident: $50,000

Property damage coverage per claim: $15,000



Idaho Car Insurance Information

Drivers in the great Western state of Idaho can find a comprehensive database of car insurance deals at, the internet’s premier site for Idaho car insurance information. The site features statistics on average insurance premiums, minimum coverage requirements, and important safety information like DUI penalties statewide.

Idaho Car Insurance Information

One of the nation’s largest and least densely-populated states, Idaho is also quite affordable for drivers. Its diverse landscape includes a rugged northern region with many pristine forests, lakes, and inaccessible mountain ranges, a fertile agricultural area to the west and south along the Columbia and Snake Rivers, a booming metropolitan area centered around Boise, and a sparsely populated desert region in the south.

No matter where drivers are in Idaho, they can count on affordable insurance premiums. With average annual payments of just $1,150, Idaho drivers enjoy living in the 14th-cheapest state for car insurance. Other bonuses include the state’s no-fault insurance law, which saves drivers from paying many accident-related costs out-of-pocket; the low rate of uninsured drivers, at just 8 percent; and low minimum coverage requirements.

Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

Already spoiled by the state’s stunning mountain roads, Idaho drivers also enjoy minimum coverage requirements of 20/50/15. This means that drivers must carry at least $20,000 of per-person injury liability, $50,000 of per-accident liability, and $15,000 of property-damage liability on their policy. The per-person and property-damage figures are slightly below the national average, while the per-accident liability amount is right around the median.

Car Insurance Companies

Idaho is home to a vibrant selection of local insurance agencies and larger national players, all doing their best to win drivers’ business. The state’s large land area and isolated road system has encouraged the formation of many small agencies, some of which have been in the same family for generations. In keeping with its Western tradition of rugged individualism, this has created a unique insurance culture in the state that focuses on the forming long-term relationships with individual drivers. As long as small towns dot the state’s agricultural heartland, independent insurance agencies will be there to support them.

Free Car Insurance Quotes For Idaho

Because it would be impractical for Idaho drivers to travel to each of the state’s towns in search of the best car insurance deals, has stepped up and now provides up-to-date Idaho car insurance information. Simply type a zip code into the search feature or enter a vehicle’s make, model and other information and discover just how much it’s possible to save! With, savings are never far away.

Car Insurance Rates

Idahoans enjoy a low cost-of-living, helped by their affordable annual car insurance payments of just $1,150. Drivers in neighboring states all pay more than this each year. Because many of Idaho’s cities are located near Oregon and Washington, many folks from those states move across the border to escape their high rates of insurance! With, finding Idaho car insurance deals has never been easier.