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Minimum State Insurance Requirements » Massachusetts

20 / 40 / 5

Personal injury insurance for the driver: $20,000

(maximum benefit paid per claim after the policyholder pays the deductible)

Personal injury coverage for all people involved in an accident: $40,000

Property damage coverage per claim: $5,000



Massachusetts Car Insurance Information

Anyone looking for free quotes on car insurance in the great state of Massachusetts will find the most comprehensive Massachusetts car insurance information available anywhere at Considered the internet’s foremost resource for up-to-date insurance quotes, the site also offers helpful information like average annual premiums, rates of uninsured drivers in-state, and other key statistics.

Massachusetts Car Insurance Information

Small in land area though it may be, Massachusetts offers its residents and visitors a diverse array of landscapes and cultural traditions to experience. Many of its people live in Boston, one of the oldest and most historically important cities in the United States, and its modern suburbs with their excellent universities and high-class industries. Drivers here must contend with high traffic and aging, treacherous highways. In the more rural western part of the state, the harsh winter weather poses its own driving challenges.

Despite these issues, Massachusetts car insurance is remarkably affordable. Drivers here pay just $1,032 on average per year, making it the 7th-cheapest state for insurance in the nation. As a no-fault state, many medical bills and catastrophic expenses resulting from car accidents are paid for by the insurance companies. The number of uninsured drivers in the state is manageable, at 13 percent of the population.

Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

Massachusetts drivers are barred from operating in the state if they do not have minimum insurance coverage of 20/40/5. In other words, they must purchase enough insurance to cover $20,000 of per-person injury liability, $40,000 of per-vehicle injury liability, and $5,000 of property liability in the event of an accident. Compared to other states, the per-person and per-vehicle limits are somewhat below average, while the property liability limit is quite low.

Car Insurance Companies

Massachusetts boasts a diverse array of insurance companies to match its populace. In the affluent Boston suburbs, many specialty agencies exist to provide the best deals on expensive sports cars or classic autos. The smaller towns of western Massachusetts retain their charm in part thanks to local Main Street agencies that support the community and nurture close relationships with lifelong residents. Many visitors to this region fall in love with Massachusetts’ cheap car insurance and return to purchase a second home here.

Free Car Insurance Quotes For Massachusetts

Tourists and longtime residents alike can find the best, most up-to-date Massachusetts car insurance information at Recognized as the internet’s top authority on insurance deals across the country, offers searches by zip code or vehicle make and model information. It’s never been so easy to save hundreds of dollars per year!

Car Insurance Rates

Thanks to its no-fault law, manageable number of uninsured drivers and dense patterns of development that encourage traffic but reduce the number of miles each driver travels, Massachusetts car insurance rates are among the lowest in the nation. Of its New England neighbors, only Connecticut and Vermont come close to its low annual premiums. And at, Massachusetts drivers can save even more!