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Minimum State Insurance Requirements » Michigan

20 / 40 / 10

Personal injury insurance for the driver: $20,000

(maximum benefit paid per claim after the policyholder pays the deductible)

Personal injury coverage for all people involved in an accident: $40,000

Property damage coverage per claim: $10,000



Michigan Car Insurance Information

Michiganders looking for great deals on car insurance from Marquette to Grand Rapids to Detroit can count on for current Michigan car insurance information designed to save drivers across the state time and money. also boasts important statistics on Great Lakes State driving including average annual premiums, uninsured driver rates and penalties for DUI offenses.

Michigan Car Insurance Information

Although the majority of Michigan’s ten million people live in the Detroit area in the southeastern part of the state, the state’s large size and unique geography make it a challenge for drivers. Its many miles of Great Lakes shoreline are a summer paradise but can be tricky during the winter when blinding lake effect snowstorms can snarl traffic for days. The harsher climate of the Upper Peninsula takes a toll on local roads and vehicles alike.

No matter where they live in the state, Michigan drivers pay an average of $1,517 per year for car insurance. The congestion and frequent accidents associated with the densely-populated Detroit area as well as the state’s economic malaise contribute to an incredibly high uninsured-driver rate of 28 percent, among the highest in the nation. Discussions are also underway to repeal the state’s no-fault law, potentially raising premiums further.

Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

State law requires Michigan drivers to carry minimum insurance coverage of 20/40/10. This translates to $20,000 of per-person liability coverage, $40,000 of per-vehicle liability coverage, and $10,000 of property damage liability coverage for each insured driver. Compared to other states around the country, these levels are lower than average.

Car Insurance Companies

Michigan’s roster of insurance companies includes both big-name national companies based in the state’s larger cities and small-town, mainly independent agencies that in many cases serve as important engines for local economies. Population loss in Detroit and smaller cities like Flint and Saginaw has resulted in consolidation of local insurance industries, allowing out-of-state companies to encroach, but booming college towns and information centers like Ann Arbor and Traverse City still boast a healthy array of independent companies that cater to new arrivals and lifelong residents alike.

Free Car Insurance Quotes For Michigan

Find great deals on car insurance in Michigan has never been easier thanks to! The site offers an easy search feature that allows drivers to look for the best insurance rates either by zip code or vehicle make and model information no matter where they live in the state. also has an ever-growing compendium of Michigan car insurance information and statistics for curious drivers.

Car Insurance Rates

Annual car insurance premiums for Michigan drivers are currently the 14th-highest in the nation, at $1,517 or about $126.50 per month. Several factors contribute to the elevated rates, including high rates of accidents and car theft in the Detroit area and severe winter weather that contributes to crashes around the state. Drivers who use, however, stand a good chance of saving as much as possible on Michigan car insurance!