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Minimum State Insurance Requirements » New Jersey

15 / 30 / 5

Personal injury insurance for the driver: $15,000

(maximum benefit paid per claim after the policyholder pays the deductible)

Personal injury coverage for all people involved in an accident: $30,000

Property damage coverage per claim: $5,000



New Jersey Car Insurance Information

With a large population and a small size, New Jersey can be a difficult place to drive. New Jersey car insurance information will help New Jersey drivers find the coverage they need to protect themselves in this difficult driving environment.

New Jersey Car Insurance Information

New Jersey ranks in the top most populated US States; and all of these people are living and driving in one of the smallest states. With all of these people living in New Jersey and commuting within the state, and also to nearby New York City, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, it is essential that drivers protect themselves with car insurance. Although the state’s minimum liability coverage requirements are average, New Jersey ranks among the most expensive states when it comes to car insurance premiums. Dense population and a large number of commuters contribute to these higher rates.

Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

New Jersey’s minimum insurance requirements are about average when compared to other states. Minimum requirements are the amounts of liability coverage a state requires drivers to carry. In New Jersey, drivers are required to carry $25,000 in Injury liability per person, $50,000 in injury liability per accident and $10,000 in property damage. This coverage must be carried by all drivers, and is there to protect the driver financially in case of an accident. New Jersey is unique because it offers an additional option, the basic policy option, that has lower minimum requirements. The amount of coverage that is right for you will depend on your personal situation and preferences.

Car Insurance Companies

There are many car insurance companies that serve New Jersey residents. Many of the companies offer insurance through a variety of carriers, with several options to meet the needs of the large number of New Jersey drivers. When there is a large need for car insurance like there is in New Jersey, it is important for all drivers to be able to choose a carrier and a policy that will protect them and fit into their budget. A variety of car insurance companies with many options meets that need.

Free Car Insurance Quotes

Just like you should compare prices for a product you wish to buy, it is important to compare rates and coverage when purchasing car insurance. Comparing rates at several companies will help ensure you get the coverage you need at the most affordable rate. Unfortunately, taking the time to compare rates can be very time consuming. [] is a place drivers can go to obtain free car insurance quotes to make finding the best deal on car insurance easier.

Car Insurance Rates

With the high population, small size and large number of commuters living in New Jersey; it is no surprise that New Jersey has some of the highest car insurance rates. Fortunately, there are ways to keep car insurance costs down. Begin by maintaining a clean driving record if possible, obtain free car insurance rates before choosing a policy, and purchase only the coverage that you really need to comply with the law and protect yourself sufficiently.