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Minimum State Insurance Requirements » Ohio

12.5 / 25 / 7.5

Personal injury insurance for the driver: $12.5,000

(maximum benefit paid per claim after the policyholder pays the deductible)

Personal injury coverage for all people involved in an accident: $25,000

Property damage coverage per claim: $7.5,000



Ohio Car Insurance Information

Ohio drivers who maintain proper auto insurance coverage are protected against costs arising from vehicle damage and personal injuries. It is vital for all operators of a motor vehicle in the state to understand the requirements for car insurance.

Ohio Car Insurance Information

Ohio law requires all drivers to carry liability insurance when they operate a vehicle. Drivers are responsible for any damage they cause. This could be injuries suffered by others as well as damage to vehicles and other personal property. Liability insurance covers these costs, which can amount to many thousands of dollars.

Ohio is very densely populated. The major metropolitan areas of Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus are filled with commuter traffic. The highways connecting these cities are often congested, and many traffic accidents occur each day. The weather can be extremely brutal in the wintertime, with snow, sleet and heavy winds affecting the roadways. This underscores the need for a total vehicle protection package. The Ohio car insurance information given below describes what coverage is needed to legally operate a motor vehicle.

Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

Ohio state law requires all drivers to carry an insurance policy that covers the costs of injuries suffered by non-fault individuals in an amount equal to or greater than $12,500. A total of $25,000 must be included on the policy to cover the costs of injuries sustained by all innocent parties per accident, and at least $7,500 must be carried to cover vehicle or personal property damage. Ohio has very low insurance minimums when compared to other states. Most insurance experts and transportation boards recommend carrying at least twice the amount of liability insurance required by the state government.

Uninsured motorist protection and personal injury protection is not required in Ohio, but drivers should consider adding these to the policy. Immediate medical treatment may not be covered by a liability policy if the determination of fault in an accident has not been made. Approximately 15 percent of all Ohio drivers do not carry proper insurance coverage, meaning no payments would be made to cover injuries or property damage unless the non-fault driver has uninsured motorist protection.

Car Insurance Companies

Any provider of auto insurance must be licensed in the state of Ohio in order to sell a policy. All of the large insurance companies that advertise on the Internet and television have agents located throughout Ohio. The state is also home to several regional insurance providers who often give safe drivers a sizeable discount. Certain insurance providers headquartered in Ohio will offer policies only to residents of the state. These companies often insure only the safest drivers, but the customer service and claims response is excellent.

Free Car Insurance Quotes For Ohio

Drivers can often save money on car insurance premiums by combining this coverage with homeowner’s protection, health and life insurance. Insurance rates depend on the type of vehicle, where the insured lives, and his or her driving record. Comparison shopping offers consumers the best opportunity to save on auto insurance. This is because multiple quotes are generated and the consumer can view them simultaneously. For instant quotes on car insurance for Ohio drivers, go.

Car Insurance Rates

The Ohio car insurance information gathered by the provider or agent will determine the final quote given. Because of the low amount of liability coverage required in the state, auto insurance in Ohio is rather inexpensive. The average cost to insure a passenger vehicle is $84 per month, one of the lowest rates in the entire country. Drivers can save even more by adding multiple vehicles to the policy, installing safety equipment on the car, and keeping the mileage on the car to a minimum.