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Minimum State Insurance Requirements » Oklahoma

25 / 50 / 25

Personal injury insurance for the driver: $25,000

(maximum benefit paid per claim after the policyholder pays the deductible)

Personal injury coverage for all people involved in an accident: $50,000

Property damage coverage per claim: $25,000



Okalahoma Car Insurance Information

Ranked as the 12th most expensive state for annual premiums, Oklahoma has dozens of insurance companies for drivers to choose from to reduce their own cost as much as possible. Using, comparing these rates and getting Oklahoma car insurance information is much simpler.

Oklahoma Car Insurance Information

Unlike many states in the U.S., Oklahoma operates under a no-fault insurance scheme, which can greatly limit how much recovery is possible for a person who is injured in an accident caused by another driver. Many states in the U.S. are far more lenient than the Sooner State and allow greater opportunities to collect damages from other drivers. This is especially risky in a state that has one of the highest percentages of uninsured drivers in the country.

Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

An Oklahoma driver must purchase a car insurance policy that includes $25,000 in injury liability per person, $50,000 in injury liability per accident and $25,000 in property damage coverage. These figures are not that different from most of Oklahoma’s neighboring states, with Arkansas requiring identical minimum requirements and Missouri, Kansas and Missouri requiring slightly less. Only Texas requires more from its drivers.

Car Insurance Companies

With more than 80 insurance agencies statewide of varying sizes and available services, drivers in Oklahoma have many options when they are seeking to purchase a new car insurance policy. Though some of these businesses may deal with a specific national insurance company, others work with multiple companies in order to give each individual policyholder the best rate for the coverage he or she may want or need.

Having solid coverage is an absolute necessity in a state that has a higher-than-average rate of fatal car accidents and where nearly a quarter of the vehicles on the road lack insurance.

Free Car Insurance Quotes for Oklahoma

If you are an Oklahoma driver, it is a good idea to do some “window shopping” for car insurance before contacting any agencies directly. Visiting will give you the opportunity to browse a wide array of insurers without the need to contact each insurance company individually. As an independent website, you can be assured the quotes will not be biased toward one company over another.

Car Insurance Rates

While many may be most familiar with Oklahoma because of the musical that bears its name, those in the insurance industry are aware that the average insurance policy in the state places it as the 12th most expensive state in the U.S. for car insurance. The average Oklahoma driver could expect to pay $1,551 for an annual insurance premium. This averages out to about $129.25 per month. This means drivers in the Sooner State pay nearly $300 or more than those in neighboring states.