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Minimum State Insurance Requirements » Washington

25 / 50 / 10

Personal injury insurance for the driver: $25,000

(maximum benefit paid per claim after the policyholder pays the deductible)

Personal injury coverage for all people involved in an accident: $50,000

Property damage coverage per claim: $10,000



Washington State Car Insurance Information

Drivers looking for current Washington State car insurance information have come to the right place. is the premier internet destination for important insurance statistics like average annual premiums, uninsured percentages, and DUI and other safety information, so keep reading for the lowdown on insurance in the Evergreen State!

Washington State Car Insurance Information

Washington State is a stunning place to live in or visit. The towering forests of its coastal mountains give way to the snowcapped volcanoes of the Cascade Range, which in turn transition to fertile, grassy plains as one travels further east. Seattle, the state’s largest city, lies on the shoreline of the Puget Sound and together with its surrounding suburbs is home to a majority of the state’s drivers.

Because Washington’s mountainous roads and rainy weather can make driving treacherous, insurance rates here average $1,437 per year, making it the 17th most expensive state for car insurance. These high rates encourage many to forgo insurance, resulting in a high 16 percent uninsured rate. On the bright side, Washington has a no-fault policy, meaning that insured parties are compensated for injury sustained in an accident without regard to who was at fault.

Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

Washington State’s minimum coverage requirements are 25/50/10, all denoted in thousands of dollars with the first number representing per-person injury liability, the second representing per-accident injury liability for all affected individuals, and the third representing liability for property damage caused by the accident. Compared to the nation as a whole, these figures are average. About half of states have higher minimum coverage levels.

Car Insurance Companies

Washington State is home to dozens of reputable car insurance companies. Although a majority of the state’s people live in the Seattle area, many of these agencies are smaller, independent outfits that still call the main streets of Washington’s many small towns home. The sparse population of the state’s agricultural east necessitates a large number of smaller companies to better serve the rural populace there. Eastern Washington residents drive their vehicles more than the average American, reinforcing the need for affordable insurance in that region.

Free Car Insurance Quotes For Washington

Car insurance is a must for drivers from Seattle, Spokane or anywhere in between. Luckily, finding free car insurance quotes has never been easier thanks to, the country’s premier internet resource for the best deals on car insurance in all fifty states. The penalties for not obtaining car insurance are stiff in Washington State, so search for quotes by zip code today and start saving!

Car Insurance Rates

Washington State is ranked the 17th most-expensive state in the nation for car insurance. On average, state drivers can expect to pay $1,417 per year for insurance, or just under $120 per month. This figure is probably increased by the relatively dangerous roads of and eastern Washington and contributes to the state’s high population of uninsured drivers. Search for the best Washington State car insurance quotes and start saving today!