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Minimum State Insurance Requirements » Wyoming

25 / 50 / 20

Personal injury insurance for the driver: $25,000

(maximum benefit paid per claim after the policyholder pays the deductible)

Personal injury coverage for all people involved in an accident: $50,000

Property damage coverage per claim: $20,000



Wyoming Car Insurance Information

Drivers searching for car insurance deals in the great state of Wyoming can count on for up-to-date Wyoming car insurance information and the best selection of quotes from around the state, guaranteed. Key statistics are also available on-site, including average annual premiums and minimum insurance coverage limits.

Wyoming Car Insurance Information

Wyoming is a large, sparsely-populated state. In the east, the rolling Great Plains features cattle ranches as well as gas wells that provide jobs both for local residents and recent migrants looking for work. To the west, a series of mountain ranges including the Tetons and Wind River Mountains attract tourists during the summer months.

Driving can be difficult in Wyoming due to the possibility of severe weather at any time: thunderstorms can flood roads in minutes while winter blizzards can render mountain roads impassable for weeks at a time. For this reason alone, it’s important for Wyoming drivers, whether tourists or lifers, to carry a good insurance policy. Fortunately, Wyoming insurance is affordable at $1,168 per month, making the state the 34th most expensive in the nation. A no-fault law and low numbers of uninsured drivers help keep rates low.

Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

Wyoming drivers must carry a minimum insurance coverage of 5/100/15. This means that per-person injury liability must be at least $5,000; per-vehicle injury liability must be at least $100,000; and property-damage liability must be $15,000 or more. While the per-person limit is low compared to other states, the per-vehicle limit is quite high and the property limit is about average.

Car Insurance Companies

Like other small, sparsely-populated states, Wyoming is home to many independent insurance agents who pride themselves on forging personal relationships with their clients. Even the state’s larger agencies retain some autonomy when it comes to dealing with local folks. Wyoming also features more insurance companies per capita than most other states, a function the fact that many of the state’s farmers and contractors own heavy equipment that is expensive to insure. Good news for drivers: the variety of insurance options keeps Wyoming car insurance rates low!

Free Car Insurance Quotes For Wyoming

Picking out the best insurance agency from so many good choices can be difficult. That’s why offers an easy zip-code search feature to find drivers the best deals on insurance quickly and painlessly. Drivers have the option to enter vehicle information for an in-depth search or simply choose from a list of pre-approved companies. Finding an insurance quote has never been so easy!

Car Insurance Rates

Thanks to its no-fault law, low number of uninsured drivers, and recent crackdown on drunk driving, Wyoming has maintained low average insurance premiums for years. Currently at $1,168 per year for the average driver, Wyoming’s annual premiums are below the national average. With the exception of Idaho and South Dakota, Wyoming’s rates are better than those of nearby states. Best of all, drivers can potentially save hundreds with one quick search on