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Glad that you are curious about how our website works and how we’re able to provide you with free quotes on reducing your auto insurance rates.  Here’s how our website works and what you can expect:

  1. First, enter your 5 digit U.S. zip code into one of our “Free Quote” forms.
  2. Then, our software will query the major car insurance companies and provide you with a list of companies that are currently offering free quotes in your area.
  3. From there, the rest is easy.  Just click on the “Get Quote” button for each company that you want to get a free quote from.  You’ll be directed to a special form on their website that you can complete for your free car insurance quote. Our average user compares at least 3 quotes: more options = more $ saved!
  4. That’s it! You’re well on your way to saving big bucks on your family’s car insurance.  Expect to receive a few emails and maybe a phone call or two from the companies with your detailed car insurance quote, customized just for you.

A Few Words About Security & Privacy

If you’re a smart online shopper (and obviously you are because you’re using this website!) it’s good to know that your private information is safe and secure.  Rest assured that any personal information you provide while obtaining your free car insurance quote is protected by state of the art online security technology.  This includes High-grade Encryption (RC4, 128 bit keys) and 2048 bit SSL (secure sockets layer) which are both really secure.

Check out our Privacy Policy for a more detailed explanation of how we protect your personal information.