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Minimum State Insurance Requirements » Iowa

20 / 40 / 15

Personal injury insurance for the driver: $20,000

(maximum benefit paid per claim after the policyholder pays the deductible)

Personal injury coverage for all people involved in an accident: $40,000

Property damage coverage per claim: $15,000



Iowa Car Insurance Information

Drivers and car owners looking for comprehensive Iowa car insurance information can find it at, the premier site for all things related to car insurance in the Hawkeye State. The site also features important statistics like average annual car insurance rates, minimum coverage requirements, and the local percentage of uninsured drivers.

Iowa Car Insurance Information

Large in land area yet small in population, Iowa suffers from some popular misconceptions. Although much of its land is agricultural, it can be divided into several distinct regions: an area of hilly glacial deposits in the west, a central plain that features the capital city of Des Moines, and another zone of rugged hills and valleys in the northeast.

Folks who travel the country roads of Iowa must prepare themselves for summer thunderstorms that can strike at any time and winter blizzards that can close roads for days. For this reason alone, local drivers must obtain a good insurance policy. Luckily, Iowa is one of the cheapest states in the nation, with an average annual premium of just $988. Uninsured drivers make up just 11 percent of the population and the state’s no-fault law protects folks from outrageous hospital bills.

Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

Iowa drivers must carry minimum insurance coverage of 20/40/15. This translates to $20,000 of per-person injury liability, $40,000 of per-accident injury liability, and $15,000 of property damage liability. This may seem like a lot, but the per-person and per-accident liability numbers are lower than corresponding national averages. The property damage liability requirement is about average.

Car Insurance Companies

Like many other predominantly rural states, Iowa has a large number of small-town insurance agencies that focus on building relationships with local drivers. The customer always comes first here. Although recent years have seen an influx of nationally-recognized insurance companies looking to take advantage of the state’s booming economy, they too have maintained the kind of customer service that has been lost in other places. So many insurance companies can thrive in a relatively small state because of an agricultural economy that requires many families to purchase trucks and other equipment, all of which require insurance, to tend to their fields and livestock.

Free Car Insurance Quotes For Iowa

Iowans confused about where to turn for the best car insurance deals should look to As the best site for Iowa car insurance information hands-down, obtaining a free quote from is as easy as entering a zip code or make and model information into the search box and waiting for the deals to flood in. Try it today!

Car Insurance Rates

Iowa drivers pay an average of $988 per year for their insurance, making their state the 47th most-expensive nationwide. Only the neighboring state of Illinois is cheaper, and not by much. Iowa’s low premiums are helped by its designation as the safest state in the nation, which translates to fewer car break-ins and thefts. And thanks to, Iowa drivers can maximize their savings!