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Minimum State Insurance Requirements » Maryland

60 / 30

Personal injury coverage for all people involved in an accident: $60,000

Property damage coverage per claim: $30,000



Maryland Car Insurance Information

Buying the proper auto insurance in Maryland while saving money on premiums requires some homework and comparison shopping. The Maryland car insurance information given here provides a good starting point for those wanting to fully insure their vehicle while at the same time saving as much as possible on monthly rates.

Maryland Car Insurance Information

Maryland may be rather small in size, but it is very big when it comes to traffic congestion. The Mid-Atlantic freeway corridor between Philadelphia to the north and Washington, D.C. to the south is constantly clogged with cars, trucks and heavy equipment. In the summer months, vacationers add to the already strained roadway traffic. Driving with the required insurance not only gives vehicle owners peace of mind, but eliminates the chance of being cited for failure to carry proper coverage. Maryland drivers are required to carry liability insurance and personal injury protection as well as uninsured motorist coverage. State and local law enforcement agencies can be very tough on those not carrying the minimum amount of insurance mandated by the state.

Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

Maryland drivers must carry a liability policy that contains coverage no less than 30/60/15. This is slightly higher than the national average, and in addition to this protection, vehicle owners must also purchase personal injury coverage. This may be waived for the driver, but must cover all passengers in the vehicle. Uninsured motorist protection is also required, and those living in Maryland will automatically have this coverage included in an insurance quote. Maryland is not a no-fault state, one of the very few so-designated states that nonetheless requires PIP as part of a liability policy.

Car Insurance Companies

Hundreds of licensed auto insurance companies operate in the state of Maryland. Since they are in competition with each other for customer business, insurance shoppers have the opportunity to go online and have quotes generated from several of them. In many cases, rates for a certain category of driver may be higher for one company and less for another, but most of these companies are concerned with the actual driving record of the individual, whether there have been lapses in coverage, and what type of vehicle is being insured. In the Washington, D.C. – Baltimore metropolitan area, many smaller, locally owned insurance providers offer complete packages for Maryland residents. Some of these companies provide coverage only to a small percentage of drivers, meaning those with an excellent driving history.

Free Car Insurance Quotes For Maryland

Those living Washington, D.C. may be able to obtain the same rates as residents of Maryland. Going online and comparing premiums is the best way to determine which company offers competitive rates for the District of Columbia. Maryland residents can choose their amount of liability protection as well as PIP with just a few mouse clicks. For instant online auto insurance quotes, go.

Car Insurance Rates

Maryland has one of the highest percentages of uninsured drivers on the roadways. This has unfortunately resulted in some of the highest average premiums in the United States. Maryland car insurance information experts estimate that a single passenger sedan will cost about $1,930 per year to insure. This ranks Maryland 6th in the nation in auto insurance rates. One way to lower the cost of premiums is to purchase a low-risk automobile, insure multiple drivers on one policy, and drive less each and every month. Asking about rewards programs when talking to an insurance agent is highly advised, as many providers offer safe driver rewards, shrinking deductible plans, and driver habit monitoring programs.