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Minimum State Insurance Requirements » Texas

30 / 60 / 25

Personal injury insurance for the driver: $30,000

(maximum benefit paid per claim after the policyholder pays the deductible)

Personal injury coverage for all people involved in an accident: $60,000

Property damage coverage per claim: $25,000



Texas Car Insurance Information

Things in Texas are bigger: the size of the state is big and the population is big. These factors also put drivers at a bigger risk, so protect yourself with adequate car insurance; Texas car insurance information is the place to start.

Texas Car Insurance Information

Texas is large in both size and population, ranking second among other states in both size and population. The large size means that residents of the state often must drive long distances to get where they need or want to go, and the large population means that there are often many other drivers on the road. Texas drivers must carry adequate insurance to protect themselves financially in the event of an accident. Texas falls into the average range in terms of the cost of car insurance, ranking as the 22nd most expensive state for auto insurance.

Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

Texas, like other states, sets minimum insurance requirements that all drivers must adhere to in order to drive legally. The liability insurance minimum requirements are slightly higher than average, but not as high as other states. Texas requires that drivers carry $30,000 in injury liability per person, $60,000 in liability per accident, and $25,000 in property damage coverage. This coverage must be carried to legally drive in the state of Texas, but most importantly they are there to protect you financially in case of an accident.

Car Insurance Companies

Texas is a very large, highly populated state. Fittingly, there are a very large number of car insurance companies available to serve Texas drivers. With so many residents, and so many miles of road for residents and visitors to travel, there is a particularly high need for insurance companies to provide coverage for Texas drivers.

Free Car Insurance Quotes for Texas

If you are a Texas resident, get started comparing free car insurance quotes today so you will be protected financially in case of an accident on one of the many roads in Texas. Whether you are in the market for a new policy, or simply trying to save money by comparing rates at several car insurance companies, [] can help you by providing you with quotes from several Texas car insurance companies all in one place. With so many car insurance companies in Texas, comparing rates on your own would be very time consuming.

Car Insurance Rates

Texas is known for being bigger; large in size and large in population. Fortunately for Texas drivers, the car insurance rates in the state are not that much bigger. The average annual car insurance rate in Texas is $1,255, which places Texas just slightly higher than average when compared with other states.